Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adventures in Chinatown

Buying supplies is always so much fun for me, mainly because Chinatown, my local jewelry haunch, is just overwhelming with colors, beads, fabrics and people. I can spend hours wandering down Sampeng Lane, the wholesale fabric and jewelry supply market, indiscriminately buying everything that tickles my fancy. It's definitely dangerous for the wallet, but just too entertaining to resist!

Check out all the teddy bear purses I found!

Just one of the hundreds of stores with too many beads to choose from! See any favorites in here? Let me know, I'm always up for suggestions.

Crazy beautiful animal print fabric... I wish I could sew

This is maybe an eighth of this wall- completely filled with bags of glass seed beads! And one bag is only 37 baht - thats about $1.25 each. I always tend to go a little crazy here.

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  1. yaay! also you look gorgeous in this photo. it looks familiar...i think either turner or i am on the other side of you? MISS YOU!